Pretoria PEN regrets growing intolerance in South Africa

Pretoria PEN, the writers' assocation, has regretted the growing intolerance in South Africa, as manifested in the ongoing controversy around the Protection of Information bill. "The bill and media reactions to it have created a rift between the ruling African National Congress and minority groups reminiscent of the polarization that took place in Zimbabwe a decade ago between ZANU PF and the opposition which ultimately led to the dissolution of that country," said Dr. Dan Roodt, president of Pretoria PEN.


I am a descendant of the wind, The rain is my address

Before the idea hit against the earth

Before the smell of the clay emanates

I wandered through the snitching market

Holding the weight of my loss

Killing my soul

I am both Eve and Adam

Cain and Abel

I am the breed of the sin

and the alliance between iris and ambrosial house …


I might be here or there

I might be in the pine or in the cedar juice

I might be in the alluvial Nile or in the bed of Thames

I might be a feather in the wing of a crow

Or a buried atom from a Chinese mine


Under Two Suns

Ibrahim nasrallah Whenever I catch a poemI’ve caught a wing that takes me to the steady radianceat the heart of the world, to the lifebloodin the veins of all creatures.I know now that happiness has more than one wingand so tonight I will cross the city with my little bit of money,with fingers that know only poems,in search of a harp.And I will cross the city seeking a wingand in the morning when the sun rises,and the world seems bigger than words,bigger than the threads that songsand dewy lamps overshadow,I will search for colorsand buy paper and a paintbrushto seek out another wing.But wh


Love Survives

Mesut Senol

Clouds of feels reign in the land of humans

Dragons and stars alike fly skies effortless

Striking words melt hearts when time is right

The language of music tunes in the heavenly arches

Fellowship never that much in demand for us

Gentile hands wave the magic wands

To turn the world that strives to be tolerant

Choruses of lovers sing eternal chants

Love harbors the most passionate desires

Ready for fighting against the ominous means

Even the destiny of Eve and Adam is sealed


Pen Dialogue New Executive Director

We are delighted to announce that Laura McVeigh is the new Executive Director of PEN International.She will officially take up her position on 1 August, 2011 but already is in conversation with Frank and Sara and has plunged into preparing for her new position. She looks forward to getting to know all of you at the Congress in Belgrade, where you will have the chance to welcome her into our family

John Ralston Saul says, "All of us on the Selection Committee believe that Laura's arrival is part of the next chapter in PEN's growth and its increasing influence in the world."